Important Training Letter


National has not come up with codes to count you trained when you take the courses online. Please send me a copy of your completed certificate of your courses and I will see that you’re credited as Trained.

Also, if you take or have taken training outside of Dogwood District please check to see if you have been given credit. Some district chairmen are not contacting other district chairmen to make sure credit is given for classes taken. If you are in this situation, send me a copy of your training card. I will see that you get credit as trained.

Lastly, check with all “older” tenured scouters and transferred scouters into our district to see if they have taken training elsewhere. I can give them credit if they send me a copy of their card, or can email me the who, what when, where of the courses they have taken.

Thank You,

David Williamson
Dogwood Training Chairman