Vice Chief of Representation report

During our last Chapter meeting, the Netopalis chapter


  • Unveiled the District patch
    • Which was very successful
    • Small Patch sold out. We are going to order more
    • The large patch will be available for purchase at the next round table
  • Held chapter Elections
    • Chapter Chief- Joseph Cimadamore
    • Vice Chief of Program- Dustin Bigford
    • Vice Chief of Administration- Dawson Bigford
    • Vice Chief of Communications- John Charles Sams
    • Vice Chief of Finance- Raymond Tomczak
    • Vice Chief of representation- Carson Lindell
  • Trade-o-ree
    • Takes place on August 25 and 26 at Camp Durant, in the Grand Lodge
    • Finishing service project on Sullivan Center, Painting, Opening a doorway, and insulating the added enclosure
  • Fall Fellowship
    • Taking place from September 15-17
    • The theme will be Zombies
    • Lodge elections will also be taking place

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