Vice Chief of Representation report

During our last Chapter meeting, the Netopalis chapter


  • Unveiled the District patch
    • Which was very successful
    • Small Patch sold out. We are going to order more
    • The large patch will be available for purchase at the next round table
  • Held chapter Elections
    • Chapter Chief- Joseph Cimadamore
    • Vice Chief of Program- Dustin Bigford
    • Vice Chief of Administration- Dawson Bigford
    • Vice Chief of Communications- John Charles Sams
    • Vice Chief of Finance- Raymond Tomczak
    • Vice Chief of representation- Carson Lindell
  • Trade-o-ree
    • Takes place on August 25 and 26 at Camp Durant, in the Grand Lodge
    • Finishing service project on Sullivan Center, Painting, Opening a doorway, and insulating the added enclosure
  • Fall Fellowship
    • Taking place from September 15-17
    • The theme will be Zombies
    • Lodge elections will also be taking place

Netopalis Chapter Accomplishments

  • Had 4 dancers participate in the National dance competition at NOAC 2015
  • Had a player on the silver medal soccer team at NOAC 2015
  • Home of the National Shot put champion for NOAC 2015
  • Fielded 6 different dancers for lodge events, currently we have 4
  • Many of our dancers consistently place at lodge and section events
  • Have provided dancers at Council camporees for Pow Wow which
    follows Pow Wow etiquette
  • Restored a lodge ceremony ring holding several work days to
    complete and dedicated it to our Chapter Ceremony adviser.
  • Field a Pre-Ordeal ceremony team at all Ordeal inductions
    since the team was organized
  • Field a Pre-Ordeal team that Places consistently in the top
    3 of the lodge competition
  • Catered the District Awards banquet.
  • Served as wait staff and cleanup for the Lee County Citizen dinner.
  • Performed a Ceremony  at the Lee County Citizen dinner
  • All of the Adult trainers at the first District level IOLS
    class were brothers
  • All of the Youth trainers at the first District level ILST
    were brothers.
  • Run the campfire program at all Spring Camporees performing
    a Call Out Ceremony
  • Typically run a concession stand at the Spring Camporee
  • Several years we held a second call out for those who missed
    the camporee
  • Consistently Provide many packs with Cross Over ceremonies
  • Performed an OA Eagle Scout ceremony
  • Support District and Council events with staff when available
  • Support lodge work days
  • Enclosed the Porch at the Sullivan Center to extend the Museum
  • Run the Lodge Webelos OA day every year
  • 9 of our youth Arrowmen hold or have held Lodge level
    positions to include Training Chairman, Dance Chairman, Webelos OA Day
    Chairman, Trading Post Chairman, and Lodge Mascot.
  • 6 of our Adult Arrowmen have held Lodge level positions to
    include Training Adviser, Ordeal Adviser, Trading Post Adviser,
    Kitchen Adviser, and Webelos OA Day Adviser.
  • Dakota Cameron created the first Dogwood district patch
  • JT Kirkman Fielded the First Place BBQ cook off team at Trade-o-ree
  • OA adults prepared the August Round table dinner.
  • Given the Lodge Advisers award three times (Tim Cameron,
    Roger Lyons, and Joseph Cimadamore)
  • Won the Lodge Roth Service award
  • Recipient of the Chiefs award

Boy Scout Fall 2017 Camp-o-ree

The Boy Scout Fall 2017 Camporee is being held on 20-22 October at Camp Durant, NC. This year, the Camporee is being held in conjunction with the global Jamboree-on-the-Air and the Dogwood District’s Cuboree.

The Boy Scout Fall Camporee is focused on two themes. The first theme is the skills involved in the Pioneering Merit Badge, specifically lashings and construction of a Catapult. The second theme is the 2017 Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOIA). The interaction between the Scouts and the Cubs will foster stronger relations
between the organizations.

Leader’s Guide